Pittsburgh's tender mercies, respect for its lands, and loyalty to high ideals are more than evident within the gates of Allegheny Cemetery. Conceived in the minds of Pittsburgh's leading families and businessmen in 1844, Allegheny Cemetery was created to be far more than the typical country burying grounds of that age.

After its incorporation, 100 acres were purchased and the first interment took place in 1845. Today, Allegheny Cemetery encompasses 300 acres with over 15 miles of roadways. Of that 300 acres, 100 acres remain for future development, making Allegheny not only one of the most affordable but accessible cemeteries in the greater Pittsburgh area.

Allegheny Cemetery has been the choice of more than 124,000 people as their final resting place. Some had worldwide fame, others were known throughout Pittsburgh. But most were known only by the friends and family who loved them and wanted the assurance that they would be memorialized in the most caring, dignified, and respectful manner possible. Together, they make up the Allegheny Cemetery family.