Just as times have changed, so have ideas about burial options, acceptable ways to honor those we love, and the importance of cemeteries in our towns and cities. A cemetery such as Allegheny, with its emphasis on land and historic preservation, takes on new importance as once abundant greenspace gives way to strip malls and subdivisions.

Pittsburgh is a diverse city, one with a variety of languages, cultures, religions, and traditions. The management of Allegheny Cemetery is committed to offering the people of Pittsburgh a wide choice of burial and memorialization options.

The Staff of Allegheny Cemetery is ready to assist you with the many decisions surrounding the loss of a loved one. We believe that everyone touches someone in a special way that will be remembered, and this memory should be recognized as a symbol of erverlasting significance. Memorials are your personal expression so please alllow us to help you with this important decision.

Garden of the Four Seasons

Capturing both the spirit and beauty of the changing seasons, the obelisk contains niches for cremated remains and is surrounded by 2,500 burial spaces. Single, double, and family lots are available in this most-recently developed section.

Garden of Peace

The bronze Christus accents this section, standing over 17 feet above the pedestal. The Garden of Peace includes 5,000 burial places for both traditional burial and cremated remains. Space is limited in this desirable section.

Estate Lots

If you prefer an upright memorial, Allegheny Cemetery has several areas throughout the property where upright memorials are permitted. There are also special areas designated for veterans.